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Members Poll #1

Should the ASRL continue to push for a separate boat beach at Major events (State & Aussies) if the only option is being stuck at the end of the main beach

Next question...Poll #2

Would clubs rather stay on the same beach as other club competitors and cope with the racing conditions available good or bad

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Would you like to see the ASRL link in some ocean racing or short course marathons as part of the Open

And Lastly.....Poll #4

Would you support the ASRL opening dialog with SLSA to take over the running of the Australian Championship for Boats

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NewsletterThe ASRL Committeee has released Newsletter #48 for April, 2014.

All Members are encouraged to download and read the Newsletter to keep up with what's going on in the world of Surf Rowing.

You can download the Newsletter by clicking HERE or view the web version HERE

The Newsletter was emailed directly on 10 April to all current ASRL Members who have provided a current email address. If you didn't receive a copy of the email and would like to in the future, please provide your current email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Your email address will be used for all Committee correspondence, including electronic voting for Committee positions.

The ASRL Committee would like to advise that while in Perth they would love to talk to as many people that are interested about any issue confronting our sport or issues you think can improve the sport.

We will pick a time on both Friday and Saturday and have a call put across the Boat Area PA as to where committee members will be so you can simply stroll up and talk to us because like always we are always open to hear your opinion on a range of issues.

No one will have escaped the debate on safety and PPE. By the time you all arrive in Perth we will have held a meeting with the SLSA Board and hopefully have a clear picture of the road ahead. This is a very complex issue that we believe still requires work. We are well armed to debate the total merits of all safety issues with a SLSA Board who have opened the doors for us. Don't believe for one minute that the Board decision has been made with anything but the safety of its members at heart so they are as keen as any of us to have a comprehensive end result. That doesn't mean that we have to or do agree with every aspect of the current policy nor that we can't run an argument to change aspects of it.

Under the headline "Comprehensive" we are suggesting some pretty big step additions to the overall safety in our sport. This will include the Bond Safety Matrix that we have been supporting in development for the last 12 months and a complete new look at Sweep Accreditation. We are keen to listen to your thoughts on all this because if we are successful at the Board meeting we will need to consult widely in formulating the next step.

If you have the time you are very welcome to come talk to your committee so hopefully everyone goes home that little bit wiser.

Committee ASRL

Win a GoPro!

Thank you to all 322 people who supported our survey call from Destination NSW to research activities at the Navy Australian Surf Rowers League Open in Newcastle. The survey closed off Sunday 9th March at midnight and the lucky draw took place at the officers of Destination NSW on Monday morning!

The first three respondents randomly drawn each won one GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition camera.

Congratulations, the official winners are:

  • Dean Lewsam
  • Kate Munro
  • Alan Griffiths

Sweeping the Surfboat - Part 2

Let’s start Part 2 with the thought that you must be able to gain the respect from all members in the crew to have any chance of success and most importantly enjoyment:

  • Don’t be that sweep you hear that returns to the beach roaring at their crew. This is very counterproductive and in truth it can often be worked back to a bad decision of the sweep but as he is boss it is easier to make the rowers cop it.
  • Don’t spend your training or race time berating your crew to go faster or apply more power or in general just ripping the crew along. It seldom works and in fact on most occasions it has the opposite effect of unsettling the crew. Your job it to settle the crew into rhythm, keep them calm and teach them to be the better rowers they can, which is what really makes them go faster.

It is always interesting to stand on the beach and watch both the learning and experienced sweep at work. A good tip is to watch someone that is experienced, has good crew respect, keeps his crew safe and has good surf skills. If you’re going to learn from anybody it may as well be from a sweep that knows their stuff.
The very first thing to learn and understand is your stance position in the boat. If you watch a carnival near you, you will see two distinct stance styles.

  • One is the sweep that stands square on to the nose of the boat. Feet are usually together in the same pocket between a quarter bar and he is holding the oar out to the side in one hand
  • The second is the sweep that stands roughly at 45 deg with a leading shoulder facing toward the nose, feet are astride one of the quarter bars and for most times two hands on the oar

We won’t be too judgemental here because like rowing there is no one right way. However as a general rule the sweep standing at 45 deg has a lot more options.

  • By standing at an angle you have your feet spread across the boat and can take a flexed knee position which will let you feel the boat through the legs thus being able to easily counter any rock across the boat
  • Two hands are always better than one. Watch the best sweeps and they have both hands in contact with the handle for the majority of time especially when in the break
  • Try standing square and take note of how much movement you have with the handle in either direction, it won’t be a lot
  • Stand square and note that you can’t bring the strength of your body into the action
  • Now stand at the angle and try the same exercise. You will instantly note that you can now also use your body length as well to push and lay back so your steering spread of movement has been doubled
  • The sweep oar should become part of your body with two hands to keep control and always positioned at a height where you can apply pressure
  • The sweeping movement starts at your feet. Firstly you need to learn to feel what your boat is doing through your feet. A good sweep can tell you without looking a lot of the time what is going on with late catches, unequal pull pressure or poor release from the way the boat reacts through his feet.
  • The other important thing that starts in the feet is your power. A good sweep will always be driving up through the legs. Like skiing, water or snow you flex up through the legs driving the power upwards
  • When getting set to take a wave the first thing to get right is your feet position because it will be through your legs that will ultimately determine your success on the wave. Stand weak and the sweep oar will force you down into a squat. Squat and you lose 80% of all waves. Stand tall against the downward pressure on the handle and you are well placed to continue to be in control

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G100The Gallipoli 100 (G100) Storyline....

In 2008, a couple of masters rowers who now compete with North Bondi, came to me with the idea of a surf boat race at Gallipoli, to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC landings. Having been a boatie in the 60's and 70's, the idea had appeal. After several trips to Turkey, meetings with various Australian, New Zealand and Turkish Government officials, the idea turned into a reality with one key condition. The condition was that Turkey competes as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

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